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What is Cricut?

What is Cricut

The Big Cricut Secret – What is Cricut 

Finding your niche

The addiction had set in. I had made my first set of paper flowers. They were now hanging proudly on my daughters wall, but I wanted more.
I wanted bigger, I wanted better. I wanted floral arches, I wanted large roses, by this point I was on a really high. I was waking on the world.

My friend had shown me some extra large paper flower wall displays and I was in awe. I now desparately wanted to make these. I had made my previous larger flowers. How difficult could this be. That day I spent hours searching the web for larger flower dies. I could not find any bigger than the ones I had and the largest was 11 inches. How were these people making these flowers. I needed to know.
By this point I had trawled through Amazon, Hobbycraft, ebay, general web searches and nowhere could I find anywhere that sold cutting dies to make these bigger flowers. I was completely perplexed.

The Secret

I sent several messages to people on Etsy asking how they made them, but no-one wanted to giveaway their secret, and to be fair who could blame them. But I needed to know.

One person finally shared their secret with me, and now I am going to share it with you. This will open up doors into crafting that you never ever dreamed possible. You will be able to create the wow factor in everything you see and do. You can personalise items beyone your wildest dreams. You can make cards, flowers, gifts. textiles, bags, toys the possibilities are endless.

So.… I hear you say. What is this great secret that nobody wants you to know or wants to share with you.

Its this…………

The Cricut Maker

I can honestly sat that this machine changed my life. I finally had a response from someone on Etsy, for which I will be forever grateful for. She told me that she was not aware of any dies out there that could produce flowers that big and that she created hers from SVG’s.

What is an SVG

So the first question i had to ask myself is a SVG? So SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphic” This sounds very complex however all this means is that it is a vector image. Vector images can be resized to any dimension and they do not lose their resolution. You can think of them almost as a silhouette.

This question was then followed very closely by, “How do I use an SVG to make a flower”
The short answer is you need a machine like the Cricut. Whereas the Sizzix which we previously discussed is a manual die cutter. A Cricut is much more techologically advanced.

What is Cricut?

So… A Cricut

 is a machine used to cut things like paper, card, vinyl, felt the list is endless, and if you are looking at the Cricut Maker, the list is even longer. It boasts that it can cut over 125 different materials and anything up to 2.4mm thick including balsa wood with its deep knife blade. 

If you think of this machine like a printer. You upload, or create a design on your computer and then send it to the machine. Except that instead of printing your design the Cricut machine cuts it out of your material.

The computer uses SVG’s to tell the Cricut what to cut out. This can be something that you have created in Cricut Design Space, which is the inbuilt App that comes with the machine. Or it can be an SVG file that you have purchased, or created on another piece of software.

This then open a whole world of designs that you can create. Within the Cricut Design Space app you get an option to sign up for Cricut Access Premium, since starting i found this invaluable.It comes in 3 tiers which can either be paid as a lump sum or as a monthly amount. It comes with 3 options.

  • Cricut fonts membership – this gives you access to over 400 beautiful fonts, and a priority care line.
  • Standard Access Membership – this gives you the above plus over 30,000 gorgeous images all ready to be cut including exclusive designs, saving on all licensed fonts, pictures and ready-to- make projects & 10% off off purchases from including machines, vinyl and lots more.
  • Premium Access Membership – this gives you all of the above plus savings on designer fonts, images and ready to make products and free economy shipping.

You can check out some inspirational ideas here on the inspiration page

Not everything requires a Cricut access though. See all the Free Projects in Cricut Design Space.

I decided to bite the bullet

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one. I had spent hours now looking at all of the amazing things that this Cricut machine could do, i watched what felt like a billion You-tube adverts and I didn’t even have the machine haha. But I felt like it was calling to me.

I decided to go over to Hobby Craft and see first hand what this machine could do. So I rang my faithful crafting companion – My mum.
My mum loved crafting almost as much as me. We had gone on many crafting experiences starting at craft fairs when I was really quite little, to the handmade craft fair at Bowood when i was much older. (no not that old haha) We went to Bowood on this handmade craft fayre and it was amazing – it really cemented for me the love of crafts that I had. On this day I decorated birch wood with special Chyogami paper and stamps, made a fabric storage box spent far too much money and watched a great presentation with Kirsty Alsop and Liz Earle.

Handmade Craft Fayre

Anyway i digress 🙂 we went to Hobbycraft and there was practically a whole floor that was set out almost exclusively for Cricut. Especially now that they have just introduced the new Cricut Joy, which is like a little mini Cricut for smaller crafting.

I was absolutely amazed by the sheer amount of stuff that there was in relation to Cricut. How had I not heard about this before. I felt like the whole world had been keeping secret from me. But World…. I got 1 up not because i’m on to you. I am going to get my Cricut Maker and i am going to take the world by storm. Watch out other crafters because now I have joined this elite group of Cricut crafters.

I spent a long time wondering around the store until I finally settled on the bundle that I wanted. I wanted the Cricut Maker in rose gold. It had only just been released and it looked so damn pretty. After looking at the deals they had at the time I thought it was probably best to go for a bundle, which i was so glad i did as you defintitely need a set for weeding you vinyl etc. This was the set I settled on.

This machine comes with a whole host of included items. Not only do you get the machine and the accessories pack. you also get a fine point blade for your normal cutting, a rotary blade for cutting fabric, a fine point pen for use writing with the machine and a selection of mats for different mediums. This offer is only available online and can not be purchased in store.

I also picked up a Cricut Brightpad. Now this isnt a necessity and you can quite easily use the machine without it, but oh my gosh does it make weeking your vinyl easier. It is also good just for simply using as a light box if you are doing fiddly work and need that extra bit of light.

I also could not help myself but i had to order a selection of vinyls to try out. These were what I picked up 🙂

Permanent Vinyl

Iron on Glitter Vinyl

Holographic Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Needless to say it was a very expensive shopping trip. But I can honestly say it was well worth while as I would not be where I am today, had i not gone on this shopping trip and bought the items I did. I do not have any regrets ( apart from the credit card bill)
But i can truly say that i now have the new love of my life and i am besotted with my Cricut and everything that i can do. I am finding out new things and new ideas every day.

I hope you will join me on this jurney and in the future where I will be showing you some of the things I have made and how to make them. Along with tutorials on using the design space app and other functions including the basics of SVG’s.

Thanks for reading

EmmaDie cutting tips


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