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How to make Paper Flowers

How to make paper flowers

Right…. The moment we have all bee waiting for. A tutorial on how to make paper flowers. I know this can be incredibly daunting. You see all of the amazing flowers that are being made all the way from the teeniest of roses to the largest of sunflowers. It easy to doubt yourself and think, can I really make something like that. The answer is Yes you can. With some simple step by step instructions I will have you making flowers like professionals. Because lets face it paper crafts like flower making, card making, scrapbooking etc are some of the incredible things that you can do with these great machines.

So for todays tutorial we are going to make the beautiful Marguerite 3D Daisy. This is part of the Sizzix Bigz Dies. I purchased mine from Amazon, however there are many other places that you can get this beautiful die from.

Here is the link to buy this from Amazon

The other things you will need to make this flower are;

  • Hot glue gun – You need this to stick down the petals. The best one I have found is the Bosch glue gun, due to its long thin nozzle.
  • Cardstock – You can use Matt or Pearliscent, however i do love this Centura Pearl card.
  • Paper curling tool – You use this to curl the petals to make them look more realistic. I find the sizzix curl and crease tool amazing.
  • Quilling or rolling tool – You use this to roll the flower, I use the reverse tweezers from this paper sculpting kit.

Right so first things first do you remember the sandwich we talked about previously. If you need a recap click here, as you will need to make sure that you get this bit correct.

Cutting the Flower

So we get our Sizzix machine out. Make sure you have ample space as you don’t want to run out of room as you are rolling through you design and make sure that you have cutting pads to make your sandwich with.

Now the first of the big decisions, what colour to make my flower? You will need a piece of card a minimum of 8 inches by 8 inches for the flower, a piece of card minimum of 2.5 x 1 inch for the middle centre and a piece of card minimum 5 x 2 inches for the leaf.
There are 2 options when you cut out the card. You can either lay the bits of card over the die and run them through colour at a time, or my personal choice is to cut the card to the vague size and place over the individual bits and roll through all at once..

Bigz Die

Pic 1, get your empty die.

card on die

Pic 2 place your pre-cut card over areas of flower

paper flower cut out

Pic 3 Finished cut out’s

After Pic 1 & 2 you will then need to place your cutting pad in your Sizzix, followed by your Bigz Die, with the card pre cut as shown in pic 2. Place your 2nd cutting pad on the top and then turn the handle on your Sizzix machine until your project comes out fully the other side ( this is why I asked you to make sure you had room 🙂 ) As some of the card can be quite thick I like to reverse turn the handle and run it back in towards me as well however that is personal preference.

You will then then be able to take out your cut card and it will look like the card I have in Pic 3. We have our large flower which we will roll to create the daisy, we have our middle, and we have our leaf.

Curling the Flower

It is at this point I like to curl my petals for the flower. To do this grab my curl and crease tool and lip the petal into it between the 2 rollers. I then slowly pull the tool off the petal and bend it back gently as I pull. This will give it a nice gradual and even curl.

Once curled it will look something like this

Now the fun part…

Making the Flower

  • Step 1 – first we must roll. We will start with the centre piece. Fold the rectangle in half, uncut ends together, but without creasing the looped end too much. Put a thin strip of clue along the uncut edge to hold together. Then put the uncut edge on one side into your reverse tweezers and start rolling it up.
  • Step , glue the rolled middle to the outside edge of the large flower, then using your fingers slowly roll the yellow flower round the middle. You will want to make sure that when you roll it you increase or decrease the tightness as much as is needed to evenly space out the petals. However if you do find some bare patches there is a small petal shape that you can cut out for singular additional petal.
  • Step 3 – glue the base to the bottom, when you get to the end there will be a circular base. Put some hot glue onto the bottom of your rolled up flower and then press the base on to glue it firmly into place.
  • Step 4 – finally glue on the leaf.
rolling a paper flower

Use the tweezers to roll the fringe centre

paper flower centres

This is the fringe centre once rolled

paper flower

One Daisy with leaf

making paper flowers

Another daisy without leaf

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you do have any queries please don’t hesitate to use the contact form or to leave a comment. Also if you have any other requests for tutorials please feel free to ask. As this website is still relatively new I am relying on feedback from people like you.

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