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How to make a 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box with Cricut? A Beginner’s Guide to Shaddow Boxes

Paper Flowers

Finding your niche

In todays tutorial I will be covering a full guide to making a 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box like the one below.
Especially with some of the difficult situations that are going on now, and people being unable to make it to the shops and uncertainty everywhere with what is happening I thought I would cover just one of the simple things that we can make to show our loved ones we are thinking of them.

A 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box is truly magical. They can last for years and never die. A true symbol are something really beautiful that transcends life.
A 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box can also make beautiful, popular home décor and gorgeous thoughtful gifts.

Flower Shaddow Box

So First -What is a 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box

So we all know how quickly proper flowers can die. Have you ever spend a lot of money on a beautiful bunch of flowers either for yourself to brighten up your house or for a loved one, just to find that a few days later they have all shrivelled up.
Well with a flower box, you can make handcrafted paper flowers that are protected in a glass case that will last forever. You can then also personalise this glass frame with vinyl to make a unique and personalised gift made from the heart.

With this tutorial I will teach you to make a beautiful flower box that holds 25 handcrafted roses which will stay safe and dust free so you can enjoy them forever

What Do You Need to Make this?

Below is my shopping basket with links to the exact items I have used to create this project.

Ready to start? This post does contain some affiliate links for your conveniance (which means that i will make a small commission if you purchase from my link however this will not cost you a penny extra and the money goes to help maintaining my site) Read here for my full disclosure.


Step 1 – Get Your Free Flower Design

So the first thing we need to do before we can recreate any of this is to get our free flower design. The flower design that I have used is one from Cricut Design Space.
Go to your Design Space App (if you have not yet downloaded the new design space App click here), click on images and search for 3D flowers. You can also filter by 3D objects to make it easier. This is the flower I have used that you are looking for. I have Cricut Access so this flower is free and included in this. To get Cricut Access click here.

Paper Rose Template

Step 2 – Cut your flower

To make this box you will need to make 25 flowers.
5 flowers in 5 different colours/ shades. I have sized the template so that you can fit 2 flowers onto 1 sheet of A4.

  • Select new project and then go to images. After you have found the flower template above you will need to select it so it highlights in green and then click on insert images.
  • Next resize it to the correct size. Luckily I have been playing around with this so I have managed to take the guesswork out of it, and have found out what is the biggest size you can make it, to still fit 2 flowers onto 1 sheet of A4. To do this go to where it says “Size” on the top toolbar. First please make sure the padlock is shown as locked. If not click on the padlock so that it closes. If you don’t do this when you change the shape size it will just change one of the dimensions and it will skew the shape of the rose. Where it states W please change size to 5.9 as below. The height should now read 5.487
Paper Flower Template
  • Next duplicate your flower so that you have 6. To do this select your flower and then click on the duplicate button 5 times. You will then end up with 6 flowers all of the same colour. Change the 6th flower to another colour and then duplicate it 5 times. Repeat this until you have 5 flowers each in 5 different colours. So in total 25 flowers.
  • Now click make it. You should now have 18 mats. 3 mats each in 5 different colours.
  • Hit continue.
  • Turn on your machine, and make sure it is connected. Select heavy cardstock or the relevant material for which you are cutting.
  • Load your mat, and hit make it.
  • Be careful when you take off your flowers, bend your mat, and pull the mat away. They should then look like this.
  • Also in preparation for later, cut out a square of card the same size as your back base of the frame, later we will stick this onto the back frame to make a base.
Paper flower templates

paper rose template

Step 3 – Roll Your Flowers

Next is the fun bit. Now we get to roll the flowers. If you already know how to roll the flowers please click here to go to the next step.

Use your reverse tweezers from your tool set and clamp the outside petal from the underneath straight edge and keep rolling tightly untill the whole coil is wound round your tweezers, and fold the bottom flap underneath.
Next the magic bit to make sure your flowers are all the same size. Get a bottle top, slide of your coil into the bottle top and let it unwind slightly to fill as below.

Rose Sizing
Use a bottle top to define size

After you have done this, holding the rose, slide it out of the bottle top and put some hot glue on the bottom of the wound up flower. Then stick the bottom flap you have already folded to the bottom. You will the be left with perfectly sized roses.

Paper Rose

Paper Flower

Rolled paper flower
Rolled paper rose

Keep going until you have rolled all 25 roses

Paper rose rolling

Stick the card you have already pre-cut onto your frame back, and then stick your roses onto this with the hot glue gun

Step 4 – Cut your Vinyl

If you have got to this bit you are doing amazing and you are so nearly there.
Back to the Cricut now and the design I have used for this is from Designer Bundles. Click here if you would like to download this SVG.
You now need to upload this SVG into your Cricut Design Space. Click here if you need to view the tutorial on how to upload an SVG of your own into Cricut Design Space.

Mum love SVG

Once its uploaded it should look something like this, depending on whether you are on Desktop or the App.


Resize you image so that it is a width of 3.806. To do this you do the same as above. Make sure the padlock is locked, click in W and make sure it says 3.806, the corresponding height should be 3.383. This gives you a nice sized image that does not overtake the frame.
One thing you will now need to do before you cut is attach it, if you do not do this it will cut out the heart and the writing separately. (Although this is great as it means this shape is incredibly versatile as you can also easily just use the word mum with the heart like this if you wished.


However I digress haha. Highlight across the whole image i.e. the heart and the word Mum and then click on attach.

Now click “Make It”


TIP – As we will be putting this vinyl on the inside of the frame – you need to make sure that your image is mirrored. Otherwise when we stick it on it will be back to front.

Make sure the Mirror toggle is on and do a common sense check to make sure it looks backwards. Then hit continue.Check that your machine is connected and that you have selected the right vinyl type. I am using Cricut Premium Vinyl so this is the one that I have selected.

Now you can load up your machine. Even though we are mirroring the image, this is unlike HTV in the fact that we still need to place our vinyl the normal way up on the cutting mat. So the shiny side is facing you. Otherwise you will end up cutting the backing and not the vinyl.


TIP – Make sure the vinyl you are using is double sided. I know most permanent vinyl’s are double sided and the Cricut one definitely is but I can not speak for all. Otherwise you will end up with the coloured part on the inside of the frame and the bit shining through will not have a colour.

Step 5 – Weed and transfer your design

Once you have cut the vinyl you will need to weed your design. I do this by using the weeding tools. This is like a pencil but with a hook at the end designed for pulling off vinyl I use the Cricut Brightpad to do this, however this is more for ease and is not a necessity.

Before we transfer the image onto the inside of your frame, you will first need to clean the glass to make sure it will stick.
This is where the rubbing alcohol comes into it. Grab a bit of tissue, tip a bit of the rubbing alcohol on and then clean the glass. Making surely it is thoroughly dry after or the vinyl will not stick.

Next use some transfer paper to transfer the vinyl from the weeded backing sheet onto the inside of your frame. Before you actually adhere the vinyl do a sanity check to make sure that when you stick it on it is the right way round and looks good.

Place the vinyl on the inside of the glass in the middle and then burnish it with the scraper to make it stick.

Step 6 – Assemble your Finished Product – 3D Paper Flower Shadow box

Wow, well we are so nearly there and you should feel really proud of yourselves. Now all we have to do is assemble the frame together so that your base with the flowers attached is facing out towards the glass, and attach the glass so that the vinyl is showing the right way. Next bend over the little clips on the back to hold it all in place and wellah!! you have an amazing completed flower box frame that will last for years to come.

Flower 3d shaddow box frame

Thanks you so much reading, and i really hope that you have learnt something usefull that you did not previously know.

EmmaDie cutting tips


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This blog contains affiliate links however only items that I personally use and recommend. Please click here for my full disclosure

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