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Can you really earn money and work from home doing something you love??

My Journey

Emma Taylor Do what you love earn money work from home

Wow this is exciting and nerve wracking. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever attempt something like this and my inspiration comes from Jennifer Maker

My very first proper blog……. So where to start…. Well as someone famous once said… well maybe not that famous but it was one of my favourite films growing up. Start at the very beginning its a very good place to start when you read you begin with a b c when you sing you begin with doh reh me!!!

So the start… I am Emma and I live in Bristol. When I was younger I dreamed big, I loved to dance. I would dance every day after school, every weekend and every school holiday. Adament that one day I was going to be a dancer, unfortunately I was just never quite good enough. Home Craft DIY

My dreams then turned to teaching. I did my work experience at the Classical Ballet Centre in Chippenham until my dreams got dashed at one final exam at which point I was told that I would never possess the turn out to pass this exam which would enable me to teach, gutted did not even come close to describing this point in my life. What would I do now?? Dancer, Dance Teacher

So as the next logical move I thought, hey I have a back up plan, i’ll be a lawyer. Well that didn’t turn out quite as well as planned. By this point it turned out I did not quite have the concentration to sit through hours of studying.

Hmm, with plan a & b dashed i thought next for plan C. I managed to get into job doing accounting and I have now been doing this for 16 years give or take.

time with family, Earn money working from home

My children – My life

So 16 years of accounting and 2 children later I started to dream again. Surely there is more to life than just working a job that brings home the money day in and day out. Once upon a time I was passionate about accounts but lately I am struggling to find this passion and flare that I once had.

So what if, just what if I could find something that I could do for a day job that I did love. Something I enjoyed and was passionate about, and something that would enable me to spend more time with my family, something that would enable me to work from home. Wouldn’t that be worth while looking into and investigating.

But what could this possibly be???

It suddenly hit me Crafts. I enjoyed doing it, and I was good at it but up until now it had only been a hobby. Was there really a way I could make a living and work from home doing my crafts.

My blog will take you on a journey.
I will share with you everything I know. Good points and bad and hopefully we can all learn something.
Because if I can make this work with zero experience then there is hope for you 🙂 | |


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