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An introduction to me & my crafts

So.… this is where it all began. Join me on my home craft blog.

I have always been a bit of a nightmare with crafting. It was always a standing joke with my family and friends that I would find a craft I loved doing, spend loads of money getting all of the equipment needed for it and then get bored and stop. Does this sound familiar. You start off with all the best intentions but then somehow life just gets in the way.

These crafting experiences included;

* Card Making – using decoupage and good old manual cutting, nothing fancy at this stage

* Chocolate making – I decided one year to make all of my own Easter eggs and this is how they turned out.Home made Easter Eggs with Home Craft Blog

* Knitting – you know those magazine subscriptions you get where you buy the first one at 99p and they hook you in and then every one after is over £5.00

* tHome Craft Blog facepaintshe list goes on ;- cross-stitch, nappy Cakes, crochet, pyrography, stamping,                       Face Painting, Cake making brush lettering, so you get the picture….HOme Craft Blog Baking

I think the real turning point for this was when I bought my first die cutting machine. My love of Die Cutting stemmed from this and made me realise that maybe this wasn’t just a dream. Maybe just maybe I could make a living out of it. I made my first set of large 3D wall flowers with this machine and decided to set up a little Etsy store which has now been running for a few months.

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I will be including links on how to create these flowers, where to buy the dies and all of the items you will need to make these during my home craft blogs.

but…. as a sneak preview this is my Sizzix machine and my first love.

There and then I made up my mind. I decided I was really going to try and give this a go and I was going to put my all into this and try and turn my hobby of crafting into a success.

These series of home craft blog will follow my moves, highlights, failures, what I found sold and what I found didn’t 🙁

Hopefully somewhere along the way this will help people in the same situation as me. Encourage you to live you dreams and dream big and maybe just maybe one day we might all make it.

….and if I can save you some of the down points along the way with my blogs where I slipped up and the mistakes that I made then that is a win win.

Happy reading and I will look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

Emma                                                                            Me

This blog contains affiliate links however only items that I personally use and recommend. Please click here for my full disclosure

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